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Before Leaving

What NOT to Pack

Before packing a suitcase or carry-on bag, there are a few things to keep in mind. Most flammable and/or potentially explosive material is prohibited, while federal regulations apply to food products, firearms, athletic equipment, liquids, and various sharp objects.

Please visit the official TSA website for a full list of restricted items.

How Early to Arrive at the Airport

To allow enough time to pass through the mandatory airport security screening, it’s recommended that travelers plan to arrive at the airport at least two hours before the flight’s scheduled departure time (not including transportation time to the airport).

To prepare for any unforeseen issues, like traffic or car trouble, why not plan to arrive an extra hour early? To make the travel experience as pleasurable as possible, Westfield at EWR has many wonderful restaurants, shops, and places to relax before your trip.

Things to Know Before You Go

Do you know the proper protocol for locking luggage? The procedure for motorists to pick up passengers at baggage claim? With new and changing airport regulations, the amount of information can be overwhelming.

The official TSA website has the answer to most questions, but for a quick guide, print out a cheat sheet for airport and travel tips.

Getting There

Newark Liberty International Airport is conveniently located in Newark, NJ and is approximately 30 minutes from New York City. From taxi services and limousines, to bus lines and long-distance vans, getting to the airport has never been easier. To find the best option for you, choose from one of the alternatives below.

By Car

The airport is accessible by most major interstates and state highways.

By Taxi

Many taxi companies offer service to EWR. Contact one of the operators below to arrange a pick up.

Each terminal has a taxi stand located curbside on the arrival levels.

By Limousine

Several companies provide limousine and town car service to the airport. Click on one of the options below to arrange a pick up. Make sure to check that your route is included in the service area.

By Long Distance Van

SuperShuttle and other long-distance companies provide services that operate out of EWR and serve all surrounding areas. Arrange a pick up at your home or another location by using the contact link below.

For those departing EWR, visit the SuperShuttle booth located in the baggage claim area.

By Hotel Shuttle

Most nearby hotels and motels offer complimentary airport transportation via courtesy vans. Those who are arriving at EWR and staying in a nearby hotel or motel are welcome to use the courtesy telephones in the baggage claim area to request a pick up. Contact the hotel concierge for schedule and information. Most of the major hotel chains near the airport provide drop-off and pick-up service every half hour from the P4 parking lot building, which is accessible via the AirTrain.

By Rental Car

Several rental car companies, including Hertz, Enterprise, and Avis, are conveniently located at the airport and can be accessed via the AirTrain. Those arriving at EWR can drop off rental vehicles and take the AirTrain directly to the terminal, while those departing can find the AirTrain at stations located in each terminal.

By Bus

Multiple public bus lines provide service between the airport and numerous other connections and destinations. Contact the New Jersey Transit website for rates and information. Also, many chartered buses operate out of the airport, including The Newark Airport Express Bus which provides nonstop service to New York City.

By Train

Whether your destination is New York City, or you’re making a longer commute to Connecticut, Pennsylvania or another nearby state, the options for transportation abound. Travelers wishing to take an Amtrak train or the New Jersey Transit train can do so by taking the AirTrain to the train station dedicated to EWR.


Central Terminal Area

Each terminal is equipped with its own short-term parking facility, located across the street, outside of baggage claim.

Parking is available for extended stays and overnight trips, with daily flat rates or hourly rates in Lots P1, P3, and P4. These lots are easily accessible to the AirTrain or bus shuttle service, which transports travelers between the parking lots and terminals in a matter of minutes.

Economy Lot P6

The economy lot is located just minutes from the terminals. The lot can accommodate all vehicles, including larger trucks and campers, available for extended stays and overnights, for daily flat or hourly rates. Complimentary shuttle service is available 24/7.

Valet Parking

For those in a hurry, a valet parking service is available, located next to lot P4 with convenient access to the AirTrain.

Checking in at Terminal

Checking In

Upon arriving at the terminal, travelers can check any luggage and get a boarding pass with gate number and flight information. Many airlines also offer online check-in, and self-check-in kiosks to make transit smoother. Please note, additional luggage fees and weight limits may apply.

Passport Control

In addition to showing a valid passport to cross national borders, international travelers will need to pass through customs upon arrival at foreign airports, and then again upon returning to the United States. Visit the official TSA website for more information about procedures and items to declare.

Security Control

Passing through the mandatory security screening can take longer than expected. Be sure to become familiar with security protocol before arriving to make the process as smooth as possible. Visit the official TSA website to find the answers to common security questions.

In the AirportDeparting from Terminal , Gate

Getting to your gate

Once cleared by security, feel free to explore the multitude of shopping and dining opportunities on the way to boarding gates. Use Westfield’s convenient airport guides to find the perfect place to grab a bite, pick up last minute gifts, or use the extra time to unwind.

Passenger Pick Up:

Greeting travelers at the gate is no longer allowed in any U.S. airport, due to federal regulations, but you can meet your loved ones in the baggage claim area or outside of the terminal on the arrivals level. Immediate passenger loading is allowed curbside, but drivers are not permitted to park or wait outside the terminal, they must park in the nearby parking lots.

Leaving the Airport

Once you’ve found your luggage, there are several convenient ways to exit the airport. From rental car services to bus lines and taxi stands or the train station, information is readily available to help you reach your final destination.

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Have a pleasant flight!